In my media art practice I'm using modern technological mediums and working with a local context to reinterpret the communication and interaction of human and non-human agents. By studying the intersection points of the perceptual systems of human and non-human agents there is a possibility of interaction with them on an "equal footing", and using it as the basis for a communication system based on "nobody's land".

I am concerned about global environmental problems, such as the extinction of rare species of animals. I see the change in attitude towards the biological species that inhabit the planet (the transition from exploitation to coexistence) as the key to solution of such problems, as well as a path to deeper understanding of the local problems. I use machine learning technologies and technological mediums to reinterpret and process data obtained from nature, as well as to simulate and predict the behavior of living systems. I see this as an actual way of conveying the importance of solving existing problems to people by exploring new aesthetics of non-human via generative graphics and sound.

I strive to collaborate with researchers and scientists from different fields, as well as with other artists, in order to work more deeply and more precisely with local issues and concepts.